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Board Meeting – November 11, 2019

Board Meeting – November 11, 2019
November 11, 2019 LCCCTA

Call to Order: President Dolly Robinson called the meeting to order at 5:35 PM.

Members present included: Dolly Robinson, Mike Null, Joe Hinkle, Liza Viplav, Laura Hunter, Laura Null, Richard Johnson, Linda Williams, and USTA representative George English.

Minutes of the Board Meeting held on October 14, 2019; motion by M. Null to approve as presented, seconded by J. Hinkle. Motion carried unanimously. G. English told the group Leigh Chak was not able to be present for the meeting. G. English will determine the Special Olympics certification necessary for ‘Train the Trainer’ tennis events with Columbia County Special Olympics.

G. English reported the After school 7-week (pilot) Tennis Program is continuing to go well and will be rolled out in spring 2020.

G. English will provide L. Williams contact information for a potential ‘Tennis Partner’ from Madison, FL who would like to attend an LCCCTA meeting.

D. Robinson asked G. English if USTA FL would possibly provide our CTA specific printed guidance (protocol) to assist with training for any incidents associated with USTA’s extensive volunteer training in Safe Play.

G. English said he will let the group know what USTA can provide for assistance.

M. Null reported the City tennis court bid date is Nov. 12, 2019 @ 11:15am and he plans to be present for the public bid opening of construction for the four tennis courts. Once the city manager reviews the bid, and before the City Council votes on the bid, a discussion regarding the use of ‘Smart Court Key Pad Access’ can occur between LCCCTA and the City for managing the courts.

G. English said that currently, USTA has a pilot program in place with an online system to secure and limit access.

M. Null said he completed the annual online USTA Foundation Grant Report for equipment purchased for use by LCCCTA, as well completed our CTA registration with USTA for insurance discounts and resource benefits.

M. Null made a motion to approve the renewal and $225 payment of LCCCTA’s annual Master Liability Insurance due January 2020.

R. Johnson seconded the motion; the motion carried unanimously.

M. Null reminded the group that Pierce Kelley with Youth Tennis Foundation (YTF) has an application process to provide up to $5,000 in grant money. It can be used for a storage building that can secure youth tennis equipment and would be situated adjacent to the new courts on 1800 square feet.

M. Null is currently looking at size and material options for a storage building.

D. Robinson said Junior Team Tennis remains on hold until we have the necessary tennis courts; YTF grant money continues to be reserved in LCCCTA’s bank account.

J. Hinkle provided a Treasurer’s Report indicating the account balance is currently $1,891. 63, with a $300 donation from last month. The balance will be reduced by $225 for liability insurance—leaving an account balance of $1,666.83.

J. Hinkle reported the County has provided Ft. White Community Center two benches positioned under a shade tree near the tennis courts and tennis net straps have been ordered by the County.

L. Hunter said the community center’s restroom facilities are in excellent shape and always clean; it would be wonderful to commend County staff responsible for maintaining these facilities.

L. Williams said she would contact the County Parks office to determine to whom we
can express our appreciation.

L. Williams reported that Richardson Community Center (RCC) now has a tennis court, as well as pickleball courts constructed and lined; they are just awaiting nets and equipment. Our plans are to set up a youth tennis day on their new tennis court just after the first of the new year.

L. Viplav explained ‘Love to Play’ has 2 more clinics left and if it rains on Tuesday evening, Saturday @ 9:30 am is an option for the participants & our volunteers, M. Null and L. Null.

L. Null reported that all involved have been thoroughly enjoying tennis; they are enthusiastic and skilled players. Volunteers would like to continue offering a program through Tennis Forever, if introductory tennis interest continues.

L. Williams will ensure our CTA email address ([email protected]) is on both our Facebook and website pages, so interested players will have a way to connect with other tennis players.

L. Viplav reported she followed up with school contacts at New Generation and Epiphany, ensuring they have what they need for their SHAPE tennis programs.

L. Williams sent an email to Belmont Academy PE contacts to request a meeting.

D. Robinson asked L. Viplav to make contact with Richardson 6th Grade Center.

D. Robinson will ask CHS Boy’s tennis coach, Tom Moore, to chair the Holiday Racket Day Tennis Fundraiser to be held @ the CHS tennis courts on Sat., Dec, 7th from 9-12. Profits will be split 50/50. Both L. Chak and L. Viplav are willing to assist with this event.

L. Williams will ensure that a flyer is posted on LCCCTA’s website, Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as sent to all LCCCTA members and Tennis Partners in our community.

D. Robinson expressed gratitude for Marcia Kazmierski ‘s special efforts to ask local restaurants about the possibility of donations and/or fundraisers.

R. Johnson will provide a grant application for our 501(c)(3) organization from the Suwannee Valley Community Foundation, possibly funding up to $10,000 for windscreens, benches, awnings, water fountains, etc… after the new tennis courts are completed.

L. Hunter suggested we request funding from the Anne & Lester Scaff Foundation in the form of a one-time allotment of $5,000-$20,000 for our organization associated with children and education.

President Robinson announced the next meeting is set for January 13, 2020.

No meeting will be scheduled for December 2019.

There being no further formal business, President Robinson adjourned the meeting at 7:06 PM.