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Board Meeting – October 14, 2019

Board Meeting – October 14, 2019
October 14, 2019 LCCCTA

Call to Order: President Dolly Robinson called the meeting to order at 5:30 PM.

Members present included: Dolly Robinson, Joe Hinkle, Liza Viplav, Glenn Hunter, Laura Hunter, Marcia Kazmierski, Linda Williams, and USTA representatives George English and Leigh Chak.

President Robinson welcomed USTA representatives, and also guest, Bridget Van Aller.

Minutes of the Board Meeting held on September 9, 2019; motion by J. Hinkle to approve as presented, seconded by M. Kazmierski. Motion carried unanimously.

D. Robinson and M. Null performed and encouraged participants to also sing LCCCTA’s theme song, “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now”, as a transition to begin the rest of the meeting.

Mr. Pierce Kelley of Youth Tennis Foundation (YTF) sent an email that was shared by D. Robinson. Mr. Kelley stated he has approximately 100 used tennis balls (from a small college tournament) to donate to our association.

In addition, he asked that LCCCTA prepare a grant request to YTF for a shed/building to be used in connection with a youth tennis project. However, it must be valued at less than $5,000. If the grant request is submitted now, it can be ready when the new Young’s Park tennis courts are officially opened.

D. Robinson asked G. Hunter and M. Null to prepare this grant request to YTF.

G. Hunter reported that he met with the project engineer and City Manager.

The new tennis court project will require electrical provisions underground, standards for a shelter, and steel posts between the tennis courts.

G. Hunter plans to contact Mr. Henry of the City to ensure electrical provisions for LED lighting are on the construction documents.

There are future plans to add a building to the north side of the four tennis courts and also a hitting wall to the west side of the courts.

G. Hunter already discussed with the City that LCCCTA would be willing to be the contracted agency to manage the Young’s Park public tennis courts; coordinating
tournaments, lessons, and clinics.

G. Hunter added the City offers a card system and camera system at its facilities; participants must register at City Hall in order to obtain a card to utilize a facility.

G. English encouraged G. Hunter and M. Null to let City officials know USTA FL offers free equipment for this same purpose (part of a pilot program).

M. Null discussed the timeline of the construction project.

The bid date is Nov. 12, 2019 and if the city council awards the bid at its following meeting, it can go to contract. (Possibly, contracted late Dec. and completed in Feb. 2020, if all goes well) LCCCTA should not schedule any Young’s Park tennis events from Dec. 2019-Feb 2020.

M. Null said he will be completing the annual online USTA Foundation Grant Report for equipment purchased for use by LCCCTA.

G. English reported he met with Columbia County Special Olympics director, Ms. Terri Prescott, who already has a trainer for tennis. Local Special Olympic events will begin on a Sat. in Jan. 2020 and then athletes will compete in Orlando in May 2020. USTA FL will provide all the tennis equipment for this event.

L. Chak already sent out a call for Special Olympics volunteers.

D. Robinson asked L. Williams to provide the LCCCTA group email list to L. Chak so she can request additional volunteers.

G. English reported the After-school 7-week (pilot) Tennis Program is going well and it will be rolled out in spring 2020.

L. Viplav explained ‘Love to Learn’ has 2 more clinics left and the focus is “how to begin a match”. The participants warm up, spin racquets, serve and play.

L. Viplav said Tues. seems to be the best day and she believes there will be 6-8 participants for our next program segment, “Love to Play”, to begin on Oct. 29th.

The online registration cost will be $25 for the 6-week program.

Ambassadors/volunteers will be actively involved with 10-minute warm-ups and 50-minute play from 6:30-7:30 pm.

L. Williams will ensure L. Chak has LCCCTA‘s member email list in order to recruit ambassadors for this program.

L. Chak will discuss with USTA how the ‘Learn to Play’ link should be shared with the specific target group for LCCCTA, and let us know.

D. Robinson reported on a luncheon meeting that both she and L. Williams attended at Richardson Community Center (RCC) on Sept. 23 rd with Mr. Mario Coppock and his new office manager.

D. Robinson met once again with Mr. Coppock and said that he accommodated both the pickleball and tennis groups extremely well.

RCC’s tennis court is already constructed; Mr. Coppock requested input from pickleball and tennis players to determine that blue or black lines will be best for
the four pickleball courts and white lines for the tennis court.

RCC already has bathroom facilities, water fountains, and a large asphalt surface adjacent to their tennis court.

D. Robinson asked L. Williams to contact Mr. Coppock to determine a future date/time that LCCCTA could schedule a youth tennis event on their new court.

D. Robinson will contact CHS Boy’s tennis coach, Tom Moore, regarding a Tennis Fundraiser Social to be held at the CHS tennis courts in either Nov. or Dec.
Profits could be split 50/50. Both L. Chak and L. Viplav are willing to assist with this event.

In addition, D. Robinson would like to create a Fundraising Committee and asked G. Hunter to serve.

G. Hunter said salesmanship is essential if obtaining funding from corporate sponsors. He recommended establishing a set goal amount and putting together a
display of specific and necessary tennis items.

G. Hunter also said he would discuss a depreciation cycle with the City.

The Fall Junior Team Tennis remains on hold until we have the necessary tennis courts.

D. Robinson requested members consider donating funds to LCCCTA to cover
upcoming operational costs.

J. Hinkle provided a Treasurer’s Report indicating the account balance still remains at $1,591. 63. All checks have cleared to date.

Nominating Committee member, M. Kazmierski, asked all attending members/committees if they would be willing to serve in their same capacity in 2020. All accepted.

President Robinson announced the next meeting is set for November 11, 2019.

There being no further formal business, President Robinson adjourned the meeting at 7:06 PM.