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Board Meeting – September 9, 2019

Board Meeting – September 9, 2019
September 9, 2019 LCCCTA

Call to Order: President Dolly Robinson called the meeting to order at 5:33 PM.

Members present included: Dolly Robinson, Joe Hinkle, Liza Viplav, Glenn Hunter, Marcia Kazmierski, Linda Williams, and USTA representative George English.

Minutes of the Board Meeting held on August 12, 2019; motion by J. Hinkle to approve as presented, seconded by M. Kazmierski. Motion carried unanimously.

President Robinson asked L. Viplav to report on a few topics:

L. Viplav gave an update on the Net Generation PE Program at Epiphany. Their PE coach already has the equipment and will conduct tennis as part of their curriculum in Feb. 2020, when the weather is cooler. L. Viplav will assist in getting the program started.

L. Viplav also reported at this time, there has been no response from the Columbia County director of Special Olympics. G. English would like to meet with the director well in advance of May 2020, so the tennis program can be explained.

‘Love to Learn’ will begin on Sept. 10th and L. Viplav believes she has 3-4 participants who registered and paid online. She will confirm the exact number, as well as names of the participants with USTA representative, Leigh Chak.

On behalf of Leigh Chak, G. English asked board members to please share the ‘Love to Learn’ post on Facebook and also tag friends who may want to learn the game of tennis. L. Viplav also suggested sharing the same post on the well-known Facebook page, “What’s Happening In and Around Columbia County”. L. Williams will post it on the page.

L. Viplav is receiving inquiries from participants interested in the sequel to “Love to Learn”—called “Love to Play”. There is a possibility this program can prepare the high school tennis players for their tennis season.

G. English reported on his experience at the US Open in NY; this year he watched amazing and long matches and his wife served as an official.

G. English said USTA is starting an after school pilot program. After spring, the 7-week program (to be followed with a Team Challenge match) should be ready to conduct within the school system. Teachers conducting this program will paid and it will be free to the students.

M. Kazmierski reported that she heard Net Generation being advertised on WUFT.

G. English added that there are 3 tennis facilities in Gainesville that are managed by USTA FL with adult and junior tennis being promoted. A USTA tennis professional is paid to manage the Westside Tennis Facility.

L. Viplav has found one-day tournaments are best since no scores are published and every player gets to play against several different opponents.

L. Williams reported for Mike Null. She read an email response from the City of Lake City Director of Procurement regarding the status of the tennis court construction bid. The response stated the bid has not been advertised yet; the City Attorney has the draft for review.

G. Hunter reported the County has not purchased property at this time; they are in the process of looking at two separate tracts of land.

G. Hunter will check on the City bid documents and said he’d also check with the City Manager to see if design modifications can be added to those documents.

G. English suggested our organization consider having shade over benches, water fountains, restrooms, dressing rooms, and concessions.

G. Hunter said it is very important that LCCCTA become the 5013C responsible for managing the new courts at Young’s Park. This will allow LCCCTA to schedule and navigate tournaments and events. (A formalized resolution of agreement with the City Council will be necessary).

D. Robinson placed the Tennis Fundraiser Social on hold until the end of October or first of November.

In addition, D. Robinson placed the Fall Junior Team Tennis on hold until we have the necessary tennis courts.

J. Hinkle provided a Treasurer’s Report indicating the account balance remains at $1,591. 63. All checks have cleared to date.

J. Hinkle also reported the County will place two used benches in a shaded area near the tennis courts at Fort White Community Center.

President Robinson announced the next meeting is set for October 14, 2019.

There being no further formal business, President Robinson adjourned the meeting at 6:27 PM.