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Board Meeting – August 12, 2019

Board Meeting – August 12, 2019
August 12, 2019 LCCCTA

Call to Order: President Dolly Robinson called the meeting to order at 5:35 PM. Members present included: Dolly Robinson, Mike Null, Joe Hinkle, Richard Johnson, Liza Viplav, Marcia Kazmierski, Laura Null, Laura Hunter, Recie Davis, Linda Williams and USTA representatives George English and Leigh Chak.

Welcome & Introductions: President Robinson asked each member and guest to introduce themselves. Guests attending: Pierce Kelley representing Youth Tennis Foundation (YTF—started in 1962), Scott Mitchell (National Chair for the Pro Circuit) and his wife, Ashley Delaney Mitchell—former Lake City residents, Leigh Chak, USTA FL Adult Play Coordinator; and George English, USTA FL Tennis Service Representative.

Minutes of the Board Meeting held on July 8, 2019; motion by M. Kazmierski to approve as presented, seconded by L. Null. Motion carried unanimously.

President Robinson reported on the 3rd Annual James Montgomery Summer Tennis Camp held June 14-July 19 at Young’s Park.

G. English encouraged members to help fund the USTA FL grant program by purchasing tennis license plates. 100% of the revenue goes directly to the grant program.

G. English reported the afterschool 7-week Pilot Program will roll out in the spring. The 10 teachers will be paid a stipend and can select the days, times, and age groups for the program.

L. Chak provided 2019 Ambassador Guides for ‘Love to Learn’, 1st segment to begin on Tues. Sept. 10th. L. Viplav will be the instructor for the 6-week program at Tennis Forever (USTA green balls will be provided). Cost for each participant will be $60 for the 6 weeks. Volunteers will arrive @ 7:15pm on weeks 4,5, and 6 to assist with instruction. The Eventbrite registration link will be provided and then posted on the Facebook page so friends can be “tagged” to promote more interest and involvement.

L. Chak explained that during the ‘Love to Play’, 2nd segment, the 10-minute warmup and one-hour practice lessons will be volunteer run with games played as “Fast Four”—no add scoring with a Golden Point tie breaker. Cost for each participant will be $60 for the 2nd 6 weeks, and there will be a 50% split for Tennis Forever and LCCCTA on revenue collected with both program segments.

S. Mitchell told the group that he and A. Mitchell have many years of experience in youth development and adult programming. He is also a consultant in facility design. Both have offered to assist LCCCTA.

P. Kelley reminded the group that he attended LCCCTA’s very first meetings 5 years ago (2014). He proposed having a ‘Grand Opening Tournament’ as soon as the new tennis courts are complete, and on behalf of YTF, he offered to provide $500 for this special event. In addition, P. Kelley suggested having a “top prize” (such as a day pass to an area attraction) to interest young participants.

M. Null expressed gratitude to P. Kelley and told him LCCCTA is committed to YTF; the first tournament on the new courts will be reserved for them. P. Kelley would love to see t-shirts and fun for participants, and he offered his assistance.

M. Null read an email response from the City regarding the status of tennis court construction: “The City will receive documents for review on 8/13/19 and then the project will go out to bid.” M. Null said he will assist the new procurement officer through the process; the money is available and the City is committed to awarding the project. M. Null is hopeful that we’ll know much more by our Sept. meeting.

D. Robinson gave a brief report of the July 24th TDC meeting in which a few LCCCTA members attended. Both City Councilman Melinda Moses and County Commissioner Tim Murphy spoke in favor of tennis, and County Commissioner Ron Williams requested to see the initial rendering of our proposed tennis complex, which Glenn Hunter will provide.

L. Null discussed the importance of providing statistics from USTA FL and the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce (regarding how revenue from tennis tournaments impact a local economy) so county commissioners and TDC members can be educated.

G. English added that our location is extremely strategic for USTA tournaments; having the advantage of major highways & interstates, restaurants, motels and shopping.

P. Kelley encouraged LCCCTA to create both short-term and long-term goals.

J. Hinkle gave a Treasurer’s Report showing after deducting reimbursement amounts, the account balance is $1591.63.

Pierce Kelley asked for verification that YTF’s $1,500 contribution is reserved for Junior Team Tennis (JTT) for when LCCCTA has new tennis courts. P. Kelley also requested an accounting statement, which was provided to him by J. Hinkle.

D. Robinson told the group that Paula Martin is relocating to Oviedo and she sent a very nice note expressing appreciation she had the opportunity to volunteer and meet welcoming LCCCTA members the last few months.

D. Robinson also wanted to thank Anna Dryden of New Generation Christian School and Jacob Tillotson of Belmont Academy for taking time to observe basic tennis techniques used by our summer tennis program coaches.

L. Viplav plans to follow up with both individual PE coaches and assist to develop Net Generation basic tennis programs at their schools.

L. Williams reported LCCCTA’ s website and Facebook page have been updated to include all meeting Minutes, as well as recent tennis photos taken by L. Null of the 3rd Annual James Montgomery Summer Tennis Camp.

L. Williams also mentioned that Mr. James Montgomery has been provided a DVD containing the tennis camp pictures, and also a DVD with tennis pictures from the Bahamas Mission Camp.

D. Robinson suggested the group schedule an adult fundraiser social in late October.

L. Hunter believes it will be successful if held one afternoon after work at CHS’ tennis courts. Cost to be determined and L. Hunter will know of her availability to lead the event by the Sept. meeting.

G. English said USTA will donate all tennis equipment used for Special Olympics and 4-5 months are necessary to coach the participants—ahead of the Special Olympics State Games in May.

Both L. Viplav and L. Hunter plan to contact the Columbia County School District.

President Robinson announced the next meeting is set for September 9, 2019.

With no further formal business, President Robinson adjourned the meeting at 6:56 PM.