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Board Meeting – January 14, 2019

Board Meeting – January 14, 2019
January 14, 2019 LCCCTA

Call to Order: President Dolly Robinson called the meeting to order at 5:33 PM. Members in attendance included the following: Dolly Robinson, Mike Null, Joe Hinkle, Glenn Hunter, Laura Hunter, Laura Null, Marcia Kazmierski, Liza Viplav, and USTA Florida representatives George English and Leigh Chak.

Approval of Minutes: Motion was made by J. Hinkle to approve the minutes of November 12, 2018 as presented; seconded by M. Kazmierski. The motion carried unanimously.

Old Business: G. English reported that he and L. Viplav recently visited three schools in Columbia County to share about the USTA SHAPE PE tennis curriculum lesson plans, including Summers Elementary, Belmont Academy and Covenant Community School. They stand ready to assist further as well as introduce to other schools.

M. Null gave a status report on the new tennis court construction planned by the City of Lake City; he reported that the project was still in the early design stage. LCCCTA representatives will reach out to the City to encourage the project to get moved up the schedule such that courts would be needed for the peak season in the spring.

President Robinson inquired of members if there was any update on the proposed Brew Ball event at Halpatters. None was know at the time so President Robinson indicated she would do a follow up. L. Hunter reported that member Recie Davis had submitted the application and payment for membership with the Fort White Chamber of Commerce; upon conducting a follow up, the application and fee must have been lost. Treasurer Hinkle will issue a check in the amount of $20.00 and ask that R. Davis resubmit.

M. Null reported that our Liability Insurance through USTA had just sent the renewal approval earlier that day. The insurance premium of $205.00 had not been deducted yet.

New Business: G. English shared with the group that City of Madison will be hosting a dedication of their four 34’ courts with Pro tennis player Mal Washington will make a guest appearance; the exact date in March will be determined soon. They would like to have representatives from LCCCTA to attend. L. Chak shared with the group that USTA Florida is now managing the Westside courts in Gainesville. A reopening with a brief ceremony is scheduled for February 2nd. LCCCTA members are encouraged to attend.

L. Chak announced that the pilot program for Team Tennis Challenge has past. She encouraged the LCCCTA to schedule more challenges and reminded us to register any Team Tennis Challenge event. President Robinson has received the Red Ball Team Challenge manual.

L. Chak encouraged the LCCCTA to start including Adult programs. She distributed flyers titled “Love to Learn-Love to Play”. Fees should be charged and a pro should be paid. She indicated that Fort King Tennis Club could donate adult size rackets (used). There is a new funding cycle with USTA starting February 1 st that can be applied for to subsidize the fees needed to pay the Pro. President Robinson appointed a committee to look into this including L. Viplav, M. Null, L. Hunter, L. Chak, and herself.

Treasurer’s Report: J. Hinkle reported that the account balance is $1,378.63 subject to the insurance premium check clearing in the amount of $205.00.

Nomination Committee: Chairperson M. Kazmierski has been contacting members to consider reappointment to the slate of officers. A full nomination committee report will be issued at the annual meeting scheduled for February 11, 2019.

President Robinson adjourned the meeting at 6:45 PM.