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Board Meeting – November 12, 2018

Board Meeting – November 12, 2018
November 12, 2018 LCCCTA

Call to Order: VP and Acting Chair, Mike Null called the meeting to order at 5:32 PM. Members in attendance included the following: Richard Johnson, Linda Williams, Joe Hinkle, Glenn Hunter, Laura Hunter, Marcia Kazmierski, and USTA Florida representative, George English.

Approval of Minutes: Motion was made by M. Kazmierski to approve the Minutes of September 10, 2018 as presented; seconded by J. Hinkle. The motion carried unanimously.

Old Business: G. English reported that L. Viplav and he met one-on-one with elementary PE teachers in public, charter and private schools. Summers Elementary, Covenant Community School and Belmont Academy Charter School are interested in the USTA training and are excited about having access to the SHAPE PE tennis curriculum lesson plans, once they sign the Net Generation partnership agreement.

G. Hunter gave Mike McRae contact information for D. Robinson so he can communicate with her about adding other schools.

M. Kazmierski stated she believes the planning for the projected ‘Brew Ball’ activity is on hold until future notice. Details for holding the event inside or outside Halpatter Brewery have not been finalized.

There is an expressed interest from LCCCTA members to play at Tennis Forever; however, L. Viplav was not able to be in attendance to provide the group an update on the possibility of providing Tennis Forever memberships.

R. Davis will contact the Ft. White Chamber of Commerce for an application to become a member and then submit the $25 receipt to J. Hinkle.

M. Null thanked members who attended the City of Lake City FRDAP Grant meeting that soon led to D. Robinson, M. Null, and G. Hunter being asked to meet with the city manager. The City will resurface our current 2 tennis courts at Young’s Park and also add two new tennis courts to the west of those courts. Two of the four courts will have blended lines for 10 and under youth. Lighting and fencing for all 4 courts will be included in the bid. In addition, a 16×20 pavilion will be constructed to the northside of the courts.

M. Null said the city manager is firmly committed to providing the 4 tennis courts, with plans to create a contract between LCCCTA and the City of Lake City so the courts can be managed through key access and scheduling. The City said the construction of pickleball courts may begin next year behind the racquetball courts.

Finance Report: J. Hinkle reported the balance in the bank account at this time is $1378.63, with all checks clearing the account.

New Business: M. Null reported that our CTA was approved for equipment from the application he submitted through the USTA Grant Foundation to acquire additional portable nets, foam balls, and other tennis equipment and supplies needed for future LCCCTA tennis clinics. The total value was $352.

M. Null expressed gratitude on behalf of the members to G. English, who asked that we continue to promote the USTA Foundation.

The USTA Grant Foundation application period for next year opens on Feb. 12, 2019. G. English notified the group that L. Chak was not able to attend the meeting. He suggested that LCCCTA continue permanent “Team Challenges” with our youth. He also suggested that we involve parents through the “Fun to Play—Fun to Learn” program and he will ask L. Chak to be involved in drawing in children and parents for that program.

L. Williams reported that RCC will contact us after the first of the year so our volunteers can provide their youth a Team Challenge Day in their gymnasium. The Fall Team Challenge events during Sept. and the first week of Oct. with the Boys and Girls Club were successful with many repeat participants.

L. Hunter asked to confirm that our LCCCTA membership is increasing and L. Williams stated all tennis events are posted on Facebook and our website and that same information is also being sent via email to our 79 Tennis Partners. Partner forms are also available at all our events for parents of participants.

R. Johnson reminded the officers the 990 Form will be due by May 15, 2019. There will also be an annual fee of $70 for not-for-profit organizations due after the first of the year, and by May 1, 2019.

M. Null stated our Annual Meeting will be held in February 2019, date to be determined.

M. Kazmierski will head up the Nomination Committee and contact current members and officers prior to the first 10 days in Feb. in order to determine interest for officer positions. M. Null will need to complete an application to renew our CTA through USTA prior to Dec. 31, 2018 and before applying for 2019-2020 Arthur Gallagher Master Liability Insurance ($1 million dollars of CTA liability insurance to cover events and programs for a cost of $205 per year). Motion was made by R. Johnson that the required paperwork and fees be paid on behalf of LCCCTA. G. Hunter seconded the motion, and the motion carried unanimously.

A motion was made that our Dec. 2018 meeting be cancelled by G. Hunter; seconded by R. Johnson. The motion carried unanimously.

Next meeting is scheduled for Jan. 14, 2019 at the same location.

VP Mike Null adjourned the meeting at 6:47 PM.