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Board Meeting – September 10, 2018

Board Meeting – September 10, 2018
September 10, 2018 LCCCTA

Call to Order: VP and Acting Chair, Mike Null called the meeting to order at 5:32 PM. Members in attendance included the following: Dolly Robinson via telephone conference call, Linda Williams, Joe Hinkle, Laura Hunter-Null, Glenn Hunter, Laura Hunter, Recie Davis, Marcia Kazmierski, Liza Viplav, USTA Florida representative, George English and County Commissioner Tim Murphy.

Approval of Minutes: Motion was made by G. Hunter to approve the minutes of August 13, 2018 as presented; seconded by M. Kazmierski. The motion carried unanimously.

Old Business: G. English and L. Viplav have discussed conducting individual one-on-one training for elementary PE teachers in public, charter & private schools. Summers Elementary and Epiphany Catholic School have already expressed interest. Covenant Community School and Belmont Academy Charter School are other schools possibly interested in the USTA training.

G. Hunter will initiate contact with Mike McRae regarding the school district’s interest in having USTA and LCCCTA conduct a 3 hr. PE Teacher Training on Oct. 22, 2018.

County Commissioner Tim Murphy attended the CTA meeting as a guest speaker—providing an updated report on old business relative to the status of the new tennis court construction. He reported the construction of the 3 tennis courts is currently in the hands of SRWMD. He also said the Board of County Commissioners will not be funding any capital projects for the upcoming year. However, the City and County are working together to construct the tennis courts at Memorial Stadium.

Currently, the City has funding for 3 courts, but 4 courts will be ideal for league play. In order to do this, the City will need to apply for a FRDAP Grant by the end of October to request funding for resurfacing our current 2 tennis courts at Young’s Park.

If funding is available, possibly, one of the existing courts could be used for pickleball and the other for tennis.

D. Robinson expressed appreciation to Commissioner Murphy for always doing his homework, and also for his efforts to assist LCCCTA.

Finance Report: J. Hinkle reported the balance in the bank account at this time is $1490.28, with all checks clearing the account.

New Business: M. Null recognized President Dolly Robinson as being named ‘USTA Florida Volunteer of the Month’. Our USTA representatives, L. Chak and G. English, nominated her for this honor. D. Robinson stated she has seen favorable articles provided by our local newspaper and she represents the entire membership of LCCCTA.

G. English notified the group that L. Chak was not able to attend the meeting.

He commended all the volunteers and participants involved in the Red Ball Challenge Event held in July.

Because of its success, LCCCTA recently began a series of Team Challenge events for youth on Tuesday afternoons at Young’s Park for the month of September.

L. Williams obtained the participant groups and D. Robinson obtained certified volunteers for the 25 participants. Mandatory water breaks have been incorporated into the Team Challenges.

L. Williams registered the current event on the Net Generation website and will complete the program evaluation at the conclusion—providing feedback to Net Generation for the Red Ball Team Challenge pilot program.

D. Robinson suggested our CTA also conduct a single Team Challenge event this fall and Richardson Community Center and asked L. Williams to check on an available date.

These events will be posted by L. Williams on Facebook and information will also be sent via email to our Tennis Partners.

G. English encouraged our members to sign up to receive USTA FL E-news, where comments on posted articles can be seen. D. Robinson suggested our members do this.

D. Robinson reminded members that LCCCTA was nominated by USTA to be recognized for the ‘2018 USTA Florida Membership Organization Award.’

Although we were not selected, G. English stated it is an honor. He is not sure what criteria is used to determine the winner, but knows the award ceremony is held each year at the
end of November.

R. Davis reported she met with an event planner regarding the adult ‘Brew Ball’ event to be held and Halpatter Brewing Company. They have requested a detailed description of the game.

D. Robinson said she will assist R. Davis and L. Hunter with the planning and coordination of this event to take place in late October or early November.

M. Null plans to complete an application through the USTA Grant Foundation to acquire additional pop-up nets for future tennis clinics.

R. Davis will pick up an application to join the Fort White Chamber of Commerce for a cost of $25.

L. Viplav asked LCCCTA members what they would be willing to pay for a membership at Tennis Forever. (There would be a limit of 10 memberships because of the 2 courts). A suggested range was given of $35/$50 per month for single/couple memberships. L. Viplav and her husband will discuss and decide if the price will be reasonable for maintaining their clay courts.

L. Viplav also offered the Tennis Forever facility to be available for any upcoming adult and youth tennis events.

Next meeting is scheduled for Oct. 8, 2018 at the same location.

VP Mike Null adjourned the meeting at 6:38 PM.