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Board Meeting – April 9, 2018

Board Meeting – April 9, 2018
April 9, 2018 LCCCTA

Call to Order: President Dolly Robinson called the meeting to order at 5:32 PM. Members in attendance included the following: Dolly Robinson, Linda Williams, Joe Hinkle, Mike Null, Laura Hunter-Null, Glenn Hunter, Laura Hunter, Recie Davis and George English (USTA Florida representative).

Approval of Minutes: Motion by M. Null to approve the minutes of March 12, 2018 as presented; seconded by J. Hinkle. Motion carried unanimously.

Old Business: M. Null had an updated report regarding the status of new tennis court construction. The City of Lake City has a new contract with North Florida Professional Services to obtain the survey and pull necessary permits. The City Manager, Wendell Johnson, said he will push through this project before retiring in June.

G. Hunter spoke with the Mr. Johnson and he was told there is a possibility the City will be able to resurface the current tennis courts @ Young’s Park, along with possibly elevating the subsurface of the courts.

Finance Report: J. Hinkle reported the balance in the bank account at this time is $1, 097.43 with all checks and PayPal amounts clearing the account.

New Business: President Robinson mentioned the Youth Tennis of Florida Foundation (YTF) was awaiting our request for funding. The $2500 funding request will be submitted to Pierce Kelley by M. Null, since we now know our specific upcoming tennis clinic needs. L. Williams has obtained interest from the Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs and tennis instructors will be available to teach the Summer Programs the month of June.

D. Robinson completed the Annual Report for LCCCTA and submitted it to the State of Florida.

D. Robinson summarized her special meeting with TDC Director and Sports Marketing Director. The TDC Director said she will speak with two county commissioners before getting back in contact with D. Robinson. L. Null suggested our tennis partners also meet with the county commissioners. D. Robinson said that since there is not a Recreation Director who is functioning in Columbia County, it is difficult to direct focus on our community’s sports facility needs.

M. Null presented a Resolution to the TDC Board and capitalized on their ‘flat field study’. Many LCCCTA members were in attendance at the 3/21/18 TDC meeting. M. Null followed up with an email to thank Ms. Paula Vann, TDC Director & said he hoped the TDC Board understood the reason for our presentation. He also explained that members of LCCCTA have done their very best over the last 3 ½ yrs. to show the need to obtain property in order to build tennis courts in our community. G. Hunter estimated we would need 10 acres to build the hard courts & clay courts. L. Null suggested that LCCCTA members & Tennis Partners make contact with county commissioners.

L. Williams said she will post Columbia County Commissioner contact information on LCCCTA website and FB page—encouraging tennis players and the community to contact them.

M. Null will try to locate a sports study example in Bainbridge, GA, showing their data, as well as tournament economic benefits data from the USTA.

G. English reported to the Board on behalf of USTA and said that Leigh Chak was unavailable to attend this meeting, but she did ask USTA to drop their membership requirement for Adult Leagues. She’ll be sending out updated flyers for singles & mixed doubles leagues.

G. English said the Red Ball Team Challenge deadline has been extended to April 30, 2018. This is program is targeted for youth beginners, 18 and under, and there are great incentives for signing up. It is a pilot program, so USTA requests feedback. The program is formatted for one hour tennis sessions and would work well for after school programs. He also recommended all activities by our CTA be added to the USTA Net Generation site, along with dates for future events.

D. Robinson and M. Null remain interested in providing in-service tennis instruction to the Columbia County School System’s physical education teachers. It would be a 3-hour session and an agenda must be pre-approved by the school district prior to the in-service. LCCCTA members have been encouraged to speak with PE teachers to gain interest.

G. English said Oct. 22, 2018 would be a good date to conduct the instruction, if the agenda/synopsis is approved.

M. Null said our organization has ‘done everything right’ all the way through the process to obtain land for tennis facilities. We have shown our merit and public support has been demonstrated to build tennis in our community. He also stated that TDC Director, Paula Vann, said our tennis association has done everything right.

In addition, USTA has been backing our Community Tennis Association throughout its inception 3 ½ years ago. G. English stated LCCCTA is the best CTA he’s seen and the our association has been a driving force for children and tennis as a whole.

President Robinson adjourned the meeting at 7:35 PM.