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Board Meeting – March 12, 2018

Board Meeting – March 12, 2018
March 12, 2018 LCCCTA

Call to Order: President Dolly Robinson called the meeting to order at 5:38 PM. Members in attendance included the following: Dolly Robinson, Linda Williams, Joe Hinkle, Mike Null, Laura Hunter-Null, Glenn Hunter, Marcia Kazmierski, and Leigh Chak and George English-USTA Florida representatives.

Approval of Minutes: Motion by G. Hunter to approve the minutes of February 12, 2018 as presented; seconded by M. Kazmierski. Motion carried unanimously.

Old Business: M. Null had no updated report regarding the status of new tennis court construction by the City of Lake City. He reported at the Feb. meeting that the City plans to rebid the construction of the three (3) new courts as a “turn key” bid to include engineering services. No indication at this time on when this will go back out and we know the city manager will leave the 1st of June.

Finance Report: J. Hinkle reported the balance in the bank account at this time is $973.46 with all checks clearing the account. L. Williams is contacting Paypal regarding a $25 online donation made on 2/21 which hasn’t been shown as deposited into the LCCCTA bank account at this time.

New Business: President Robinson mentioned the Youth Tennis of Florida Foundation (YTF) was awaiting our request for funding. This funding request has not been submitted to Pierce Kelley, yet, because we need to determine our specific upcoming tennis clinic needs prior to requesting the funding.

It is expected we will have those plans in place after discussion at the April Board meeting.

D. Robinson also reported the tennis clinics have been going very well in the RCC gymnasium; we just need to get the participants playing outside.

M. Null thanked J. Hinkle for coordinating the repainting project for the pickle ball lines at the Ft. White Community Center tennis courts. They are now yellow, and not white. M. Null mentioned the court surface is extremely slippery when wet and the fence can shock players when touched.

L. Williams created a tennis group distribution email list from the Partner forms we have received either in person or online through our website. The Partner group will receive regular communication regarding any upcoming events. In addition, our new website and Facebook page display upcoming tennis information and pictures for the community. L. Chak suggested ‘tagging’ Facebook pictures for more visibility. D. Robinson suggested we move non-active board members to the Partner list and requested the new Partner list be sent to her.

G. English reported to the Board on behalf of USTA. He reported that USTA will host a Net Generation consumer ½ hr. webinar on May 15th for CTA’s and they would like feedback via the survey at the end of the webinar. The Red Ball Team Challenge is a pilot program providing tennis equipment, iPad, and manual. The focus is to get PE teachers registered and committed to utilize their scripted program by the end of March. There is no cost.

D. Robinson and M. Null asked G. English to assist us in building programs by providing an ‘Introductory Workshop’ to PE teachers during a district in-service day. This would be the best group to direct our efforts; it would also allow us to follow up with our district elementary PE teachers. G. English stressed he would need a minimum of 10 participants and the only deterrent to having school personnel make a commitment is their need to
individually complete the required USTA background check.

L. Null mentioned that teachers can earn in-service points for participating in workshops, just as long as the group’s agenda is approved by the school district. Therefore, the ability to earn in-service points is an excellent incentive for PE teachers to attend an introductory tennis workshop.

M. Null stated he would look at school district calendar for the upcoming fall to determine an in-service date available to conduct the workshop. He will let the group know once the date is determined.

L. Chak, USTA League Coordinator, would like to have interested players from our community play in the USTA singles league & USTA mixed doubles leagues. Need to get the word out and will be sending fliers to place on our website.

L. Chak also suggested there be a Red Ball Team Challenge at the end of each youth tennis clinic so participants have the opportunity to rally/play.

It appears we need a Ft. White tennis instructor; L. Chak will reach out to possible contacts in that area.

M. Null made a motion to approve the Resolution in support of the County moving forward with a new site for an expanded soccer complex and then dedicating the existing soccer complex for a tennis complex. The motion was seconded by M. Kazmierski. Motion carried unanimously.

M. Null stated that G. Hunter will deliver the Resolution to the Tourist Development Council (TDC) so LCCCTA can be placed on their meeting agenda. The TDC meeting will be held on Wed., March 21, 2018.

L. Williams will ensure our tennis Partners, the website, and Facebook have information about the upcoming TDC meeting.

The Resolution was signed by President D. Robinson and Secretary L. Williams.

L Null suggested having ongoing clinics to get interested youth and adult tennis players on the courts.

L. Null has been serving as LCCCTA photographer and she suggested taking pictures and posting pictures of each active committee member for our website. She took pictures of 2018 Officers for the LCCCTA website.

President Robinson adjourned the meeting at 6:55 PM.