NEXT MEETING: 10/12/20 @ 5:30PM

Annual Meeting – February 12, 2018

Annual Meeting – February 12, 2018
February 12, 2018 LCCCTA

Call to Order: President Dolly Robinson called the meeting to order at 5:33 PM. Members in attendance included the following: Dolly Robinson, John Lear, Linda Williams, Mike Null, Glenn Hunter, Liza Viplav, Tom Moore, Recie Davis, Laura Hunter, Marcia Kazmierski and George English-USTA Florida representative.

Approval of Minutes: Motion by G. Hunter to approve the minutes of January 8, 2018 as presented; seconded by J. Lear. Motion carried unanimously.

Old Business: J. Lear gave an update on Youth Leagues for our area. He is anticipating a league from the Lake City area can be organized this coming April.

M. Null gave a status report on the construction of new tennis courts by the City of Lake City. He reported that the City plans to rebid the construction of the three (3) new courts as a “turn key” bid to include engineering services. No indication at this time on when this will go back out.

Finance Report: M. Null gave the report on behalf of J. Hinkle who was not in attendance. Balance in the bank account at this time is $1,078.46 with one outstanding check for the Liability Insurance Premium in the amount of $205.00.

New Business: President Robinson submitted a draft amendment for Section 3 of the By-Laws of LCCCTA as found on Page 3 adding the following paragraph:

“Said meetings may be held telephonically, by email, digitally or by any electronic means. All Directors shall keep a current telephone number and email address with the Secretary of the corporation. The minutes of any such meeting taken by any of the aforesaid means, shall be noted in the minutes of said meeting, as well as the fact that notice was given and who was in attendance.”

A motion was presented by J. Lear to approve the proposed amendment to the By-Laws as presented; seconded by L. Williams. Motion carried unanimously.

L. Williams recommended the Board add a PayPal link to the LCCCTA website for accepting donations and other payments. Motion was made by J. Lear to approve the PayPal link; seconded by T. Moore. Motion carried unanimously.

G. English reported to the Board on behalf of USTA. He reported that USTA is coming out with a recommended Red Ball script to assist CTA’s in sponsoring beginner clinics for youth. He also stated that at this time, USTA if offering free membership to 10 and Under who have registered previously. He also recommended all activities by our CTA be added to the USTA Net Generation site, with dates for future events. This is targeted for youth 18 and Under.

T. Moore pointed out that the By-Laws of LCCCTA still show the former address.

Motion by T. Moore to update the By-Laws to show the current address of:

971 West Duval Street
Suite 150
Lake City, Florida 32055

Motion was seconded by J. Lear; motion was then approved unanimously.

M. Null suggested the LCCCTA make a request to be placed on the Agenda for the next Tourist Development Council for purpose of submitting a Resolution in support of the County moving forward with a new site for an expanded soccer complex and then dedicating the existing soccer complex for a tennis complex. It was agreed M. Null would prepare a draft Resolution for the LCCCTA Board to consider and to also make a request to the TDC for appearing at an upcoming TDC meeting.

L. Williams reported on the tennis clinic planned again for Richardson Community Center starting February 20 th for four Tuesday afternoons, open free to youth. L. Williams reported that Erin Weiffenbach is working on the new website for LCCCTA and should be up and running before the next Board meeting.

M. Null reported on the correspondence received from Pierce Kelley of the Youth Tennis of Florida Foundation. T. Moore made a motion to submit a request for funding in the amount of $1,000 to help with the expense of a summer camp; motion was seconded by J. Lear. Motion carried unanimously. President Robinson will put together a proposed request.

J. Lear reminded the Board it is time to renew the advertisement of the Banner displayed at Columbia High School tennis courts for an annual cost of $50.00. Motion by M. Null to renew; seconded by M. Kazmierski. Motion carried unanimously.

Annual Meeting: M. Kazmierski, chair of the Nomination Committee, presented a slate of fifteen (15) names for consideration to serve as Board of Directors of the LCCCTA for the new year starting immediately at the inclusion of the annual meeting of 2018. The proposed slate of directors included: Dolly Robinson, John Lear, Mike Null, Linda Williams, Joe Hinkle, Glenn Hunter, Marcia Kazmierski, Tom Moore, Laura Hunter, Recie Davis, Liza Viplav, Nelson Rivera, Laura Null, Richard Johnson and James Montgomery.

Motion by J. Lear to approve the slate of proposed Board of Directors for the new year; seconded by L. Williams. Motion carried unanimously.

President Robinson then suspended the meeting to allow the Board of Directors to meet and elect officers for the new year.

M. Kazmierksi submitted a proposed slate of officers of the Board of Directors:

President: Dolly Robinson
Vice President: John Lear
Vice President: Mike Null
Secretary: Linda Williams
Treasurer: Joe Hinkle

Motion by M. Kazmierski to approve the slate of officers; seconded by R. Davis. Motion carried unanimously.

President Robinson adjourned the meeting at 7:08 PM.