NEXT MEETING: 1/11/21 @ 5:30PM

Board Meeting – January 8, 2018

Board Meeting – January 8, 2018
January 8, 2018 LCCCTA

Call to Order: President Dolly Robinson called the meeting to order at 5:33 PM. Members and Guests in attendance included the following: Dolly Robinson, John Lear, Mike Null, Joe Hinkle, Linda Williams, Glenn Hunter, Richard Johnson, Marcia Kazmierski, Liza Viplav, Jeb Stewart, George English (USTA), Leigh Chak (USTA), Lucinda Bilcich, and Steve Bilchich.

Approval of Minutes: A motion by M. Kazmierski to approve the minutes of November 13, 2017 as presented; seconded by J. Hinkle. Motion carried unanimously.

Old Business: President Robinson recognized the two representatives of the USTA to provide comments first.

G. English shared benefits about the USTA’s Net Generation program. He identified individual members of LCCCTA that signed up and then was informed by L. Williams that LCCCTA as a CTA signed up in December. Will also do a follow-up with PE teachers of Columbia County to see if any wish to enroll their schools with Net Generation.

L. Chak spoke about the Men’s Single Flex League that was just completed in Lake City and recognized the winner, Darnell Wormely. She also announced plans for upcoming Mixed Doubles and possibly another Singles that could allow Men and Ladies.

Ms. Chak then encouraged the LCCCTA to consider organizing and sponsoring a Junior Team Tennis League that could also provide a revenue stream for the CTA. M. Null gave a brief report regarding the status of the proposed new tennis courts by the City of Lake City. The delay now is trying to secure the required site design and permitting prior to construction.

President Robinson announced that the grant submitted to the Richardson Community Center support organization had been approved and that we are now in receipt of the $500.00 requested.

L. Williams inquired about the LCCCTA publicity information submitted to the USTA. L. Chak indicated it missed the deadline for the last newsletter but should appear in the next release.

L. Williams also made reference to efforts to keep the Facebook page for LCCCTA updated and that new arrangements are being made to keep the LCCCTA website updated. Motion was made by G. Hunter to authorize appropriate expenditure to change the website, if necessary, before the annual meeting; seconded by M. Null. Motion carried unanimously.

L. Williams reported that the next cycle for an After School Tennis Program at the Boys/Girls Club is pending the outcome of the new city tennis courts.

L. Williams reported that LCCCTA is now in possession of a new tennis equipment bag stocked full with junior tennis rackets, balls, rolls of tape and instruction manual by Net Generation. M. Null agreed to provide storage.

President Robinson and M. Null gave an update regarding contact with Brian Pompelli with regard to starting an After School Tennis Program at Fort White
Community Center hopefully to begin the first of March with intent to begin a summer program.

Finance Report: J. Hinkle reported there is currently $1076.56 in our bank account. The check for the insurance premium of $205.00 had not cleared yet. Will deposit the check received tonight from Richardson in the amount of $500.00 later this week.

New Business: J. Lear stated that the Columbia High School Tennis Team season will start later this month. The Girls Team will be mostly first time players and that next year the Boys Team will graduate five of their players. He stated any introduction of tennis to the youth of Columbia County by the local CTA will be a huge help in feeding players into the high school team. He will check with Coaches Tom Moore and Michelle Lear about any opportunity to schedule a community day/fundraiser through the CTA and the high school teams.

M. Kazmierski reported on Director nominations for the upcoming annual meeting scheduled for February 2018. She indicated making contact with each of the current directors except Adam Crocker and all of those contacted would be willing to serve again with the exception that Liza Viplav would replace Anjan Viplav; leaving only Mr. Crocker’s position to be filled.

R. Johnson reminded the CTA about the required annual filing of the State of Florida Corporation annual report and the Federal 990 report.

Next Meeting: President Robinson announced that the next meeting would be the required Annual Meeting to be held February 12, 2018 at which time Directors will be selected. She also announced following the annual meeting would be a meeting of the Board of Directors to elect officers for the upcoming year.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 6:32 PM.