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Board Meeting – November 13, 2017

Board Meeting – November 13, 2017
November 13, 2017 LCCCTA

Call To Order: President Dolly Robinson called the meeting to order at 5:32 PM.Members in attendance included Dolly Robinson, Linda Williams, John Lear, Mike Null, Glenn Hunter, Joe Hinkle, Laura Null, Laura Hunter, Recie Davis, Nelson Rivera and Marcia Kazmeirski. Also in attendance was George English and Leigh Chak of the Florida USTA.

Approval of Minutes: A motion was made by Mr. Lear and seconded by Mr. Hinkle to approve minutes for the October 9, 2017 meeting with one correction noted. Motion carried unanimously.

New Business: President Robinson recognized both George English and Leigh Chak of Florida USTA.

G. English informed the CTA that M. Null had arranged for a meeting with Columbia County School District Elementary Physical Education Teachers scheduled for 11/14/17 to present the Net Generation program which the USTA has geared for public education. President Robinson, M. Null and L. Williams will also be in attendance. He indicated if the PE teachers were to enroll at this time, they can get a free pair of tennis shoes. Mr. English expressed a desire to see some of the schools to sign up (no fee) and to partner with the LCCCTA.

L. Chak informed the CTA that she was able to establish a Men’s Flexible League for Lake City; currently nine men have already signed up to play. Hope to get other Flexible Leagues scheduled in Lake City in the future. Ms. Chak also furnished contact information for a potential coach in the Fort White area.

President Robinson thanked all of the volunteers and coaches who assisted with the Fall Racket Day held on November 4th held at the CHS tennis courts. Special thanks to Jeb Stewart and Laura Hunter who organized the event. Thanks also to coaches Liza Viplav and Leigh Chak. A special thanks to Tennis Forever who donated clothing and caps for participants.

President Robinson also informed the CTA that the current issues of the Family Magazine included an article about the LCCCTA.

Old Business: L. Williams and D. Robinson gave a report regarding the first After School Tennis Program held at Richardson Community Center on Nov 7th that also included volunteers Tom Moore and Mike Null in addition to the two of them. While 7-8 participants were expected for the first event, over 30 kids of all ages showed up at different times during the afternoon. The LCCCTA is scheduled to participate each Tuesday afternoon in November.

Mr. Null gave a brief status update regarding the construction of three lighted tennis courts planned to be located behind the racket ball courts at Memorial Stadium.

Other Business: Mr. Lear informed the members that Michelle Lear has been selected as the Columbia High School Girls Tennis Coach.

Treasurer Mr. Hinkle reported that the CTA generated $720 in revenue for the Fall Racket Day on Nov 4th. He stated the current account balance is $1,076.00.

There was more discussion about hosting additional events at CHS, possibly scheduling them quarterly. J. Lear indicated he could assist in organizing these events.

J. Lear also announced to the CTA that his daughter, Cassidy, would be home from college during the summer and could be available for coaching duties during that time. As the CTA is looking to potentially schedule summer programs at Richardson and Fort White, and possibly Boys and Girls Clubs again, more coaches are needed.

L. Chak asked if the CTA could send her articles about events hosted by LCCCTA that she may include in USTA Newsletters. She also requested locations of all existing tennis courts. President Robinson asked L. Williams to assist with these requests.

President Robinson directed Membership Chairperson M. Kazmierski to start the process of nomination of officers that need to be presented during the annual meeting in February.

President Robinson expressed a concern about updates needed on the website of LCCCTA and directed M. Null to make contact with Adam Crocker.

There being no further official action needed, President Robinson adjourned the meeting at 7:00 PM. President Robinson announced the next regular meeting is tentatively schedule for December 11th.