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Board Meeting – January 9, 2017

Board Meeting – January 9, 2017
January 9, 2017 LCCCTA

Call To Order: President Dolly Robinson called the meeting to order at 5:35 PM. Members in attendance included Dolly Robinson, Linda Williams, Richard Johnson, James Montgomery, Nelson Rivera, Johns Lear, Mike Null, Glen Hunter, George English, and Joe Hinkle.

Approval of Minutes: A motion was made by Mr. Hunter and seconded by Mr. Hinkle to approve minutes for the July 25th meeting. Motion carried unanimously.

Old Business: There was an open discussion with regard to the 10 and Under On Court Workshop held on July 30th at Young’s Park. Several members of the LCCCTA participated along with out of town participants. Numerous favorable comments were shared about the workshop. Appreciation was also expressed about coverage by the Lake City Reporter. There was some discussion about scheduling another workshop; Mr. English indicated there is a 20 participant minimum and since we just had one here, it may not be scheduled anytime soon. The requirement of 20 participants (minimum) must be met. Mr. Lear announced that the organization received the grant funding from USTA in the amount of $300. He also announced that the equipment kit from USTA has been received and now stored in his garage.

New Business: Following a brief discussion regarding the 10 and Under Training, Ms. Robinson and Ms. Williams will make contact with the City Recreation Department about setting a date or dates for Tennis PlayDays for children at Young’s Park. Members of the LCCCTA will be notified with regard to the schedule. Will start with one-hour programs during week days to draw from Girls’ Club and City Recreation participants.

Mr. Rivera will make contact with the tennis pro at Tennis Forever Academy about setting up a Tennis PlayDay for Adults.

Mr. Null shared with the group that Anjan Viplav is more than happy to make the two courts at Tennis Forever available to LCCCTA members during periods when training is not underway. Now that school has started, the training is in the afternoon and early evenings.

Treasurer Mr. Hinkle reported there is $1300.80 in the association’s account following receipt of the grant funds.

The next meeting is schedule for September 19. With no further business, the meeting adjourned at 6:20 PM.