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Board Meeting – October 24, 2016

Board Meeting – October 24, 2016
October 24, 2016 LCCCTA

Call to Order: President Dolly Robinson called the meeting to order at 5:40PM. Members in attendance included Dolly Robinson, Mike Null, Joe Hinkle, Glenn Hunter, George English, Richard Johnson, Linda Williams, Laura Hunter, Jeb Stewart.

Approval of Minutes: A motion by R. Johnson, seconded by G. Hunter to approve the draft minutes of August 15, 2016 as presented; motion was unanimously carried.

Old Business: D. Robinson and M. Null reported on the first tennis workshop held for the Lake City Girls Club at Young’s Park on October 20, 2016 with 19 girls participating. This was the first community event conducted by members that were recently certified by USTA under the 10 and Under Court program. Those members who participated included: D. Robinson, J. Lear, T. Moore, M. Null, L. Null; also a special thanks to member L. Williams who assisted in making the initial arrangements and to Tara Kreighauser of the Girls Club for facilitating the events with the Girls Club. President Robinson announced that the next program will be held on October 27, 2016 beginning 3:45 PM. L. Williams will make contact with Heyward Christie to see if similar arrangements can be made with the Boys Club.

New Business: President Robinson and M. Null shared with the members that the City Recreation Director had spoken briefly with the volunteers following the tennis workshop held last week. Terri Phillips, City Recreation Director had indicated there was an allocation placed in the recreation department budget for the construction of new tennis courts. Following a lengthy discussion, M. Null made a motion for the LCCCTA to issue a letter of support to the City of Lake City for the construction of new tennis courts to take place of the 4 courts previously at Southside Rec Center that have been converted to parking spaces for City Utility vehicles and for the two dilapidated courts at Young’s Park; motion was seconded by J. Hinkle. Following further comments and discussion, the motion carried unanimously. M. Null will assist in drafting a letter for President Robinson to present on behalf of the LCCCTA. G. English asked to include reference to assistance from USTA/facilities. It was noted with this discussion that the City’s construction of courts would only compliment the Community Tennis Association’s continued effort to seek financial support from the county for a tennis complex for the purpose of supporting tennis tournaments for our community.

J. Hinkle gave the Treasurer’s report indicating the fund balance to be $1,135.80.

G. English reminded members to encourage the purchase of Tennis Tags when renewing their Florida License Plates.

G. English presented materials that can be ordered from USTA for Kids Tennis Clubs.

G. English encouraged leadership of the CTA to participate in the Florida USTA Annual Meeting held in November.

President Robinson announced that the next meeting would be held on November 14, 2016 at 5:30 PM.

LCCCTA meeting was adjourned at 6:25 PM.