NEXT MEETING: 10/12/20 @ 5:30PM

Board Meeting – April 18, 2016

Board Meeting – April 18, 2016
April 18, 2016 LCCCTA

Call to Order:  LCCCCTA Committee Chairperson Dolly Robinson called the meeting to order at 5:43 PM.  Members in attendance included Glenn Hunter (who had to leave early due to illness), Linda Williams, Dolly Robinson, Joe Hinkle, Marcia Kazmierski, Adam Crocker, James Montgomery and Mike Null.  (Note:  John Lear had sent notice of unavailability, but forwarded communication from George English of the Florida USTA).

Approval of Minutes:  Minutes of the meeting held Mar 21, 2016 were previously distributed by email.  Marcia Kazmierski informed the secretary of the misspell in her name.  Motion by Joe Hinkle to approve the minutes as corrected, seconded by Linda Williams; motion carried unanimously.

New Business:  Mr. Hunter gave an update regarding the tennis facility planning from both the County and the TDC.  He indicated the LCCCTA will need to give a presentation on the proposed facility plan before the County Sports Committee some time in the near future; date not set yet. It was thought to be set for May 25th, but there needs to be further confirmation for that meeting.  Mr. Hunter will reach out to TDC Director Paula Vann, who would have just returned from maternity leave on this date.

Treasurer’s Report:  Joe Hinkle reported that $935.80 in donations had been recorded and no expenditures since the last report.  Linda Williams agreed to obtain a format needed for setting up a budget for the organization.  President Robinson has completed the annual 990 form and will ask Richard Johnson to make a final review before submitting.  Treasurer Hinkle will prepare the annual Florida Sales Tax Exemption form and will ask for R. Johnson’s review if necessary.

Web Site and Facebook:  Adam Crocker presented a template on the website which is near completion.  Mr. Crocker presented a couple of options on where the website could be hosted.  Following discussion, consideration for the following was presented: Purchase two (2) domain names:

“” and “”

Estimated annual cost of $80.00 to establish the two domain names.  Site will be ready in approximately one week.  Motion by James Montgomery seconded by Joe Hinkle to approve recommendation.  Motion carried unanimously  Ms. Robinson to some photos of the clinic and activities; Secretary Null to forward meeting minutes and video presentation to be posted on the new web page.

Other New Business: President Robinson suggested to expand the Board from the present number of eight (8) to a slightly larger Board. Following discussion, it was agreed to add three more Board positions at this time.  Motion by James Montgomery, seconded by Joe Hinkle to add the following new Board members: Linda Williams, Adam Crocker, Marcia Kazmierski.  Motion carried unanimously.

Marcia Kazmierski discussed the efforts to introduce the Tennis Partner program sponsored by USTA to elementary schools during next school years planning period.

Next Meeting:  Ms. Robinson announced the next meeting date for May 16, 5:30 PM.

There being no further business of both organizations, the meeting was adjourned at 7:05 PM.