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Board Meeting – January 11, 2016

Board Meeting – January 11, 2016
January 11, 2016 LCCCTA

Call to Order: Committee Chairman Glenn Hunter called the meeting to order at 5:40 PM. Those members in attendance included: Glenn Hunter, Nelson Rivera, John Lear, Anjan Viplav, Richard Johnson, Mike Null; Tom Moore joined later after tennis lessons were complete. News Media coverage attended by Stew Lilker of Columbia Observer.

Approval of Minutes: Motion by John Lear, seconded by Anjan Viplav, followed by unanimous vote to approve the minutes of the December 14, 2015 meeting.

New Business: Richard Johnson gave a report on his filing of the 501(c)(3) application on behalf of Lake City Columbia Community Tennis Association Inc. to IRS for recognition of exemption. Mr. Johnson completed the application on line and advanced the filing fee ($400) on behalf of the organization. Mr. Johnson believes the designation is expected to be approved in approximately thirty days in that appropriate criteria has been met. Mr. Johnson also reminded the Committee that an annual 990 report is to be filed, usually in April of each year.

Chairman Hunter reminded the group that this committee is currently on the schedule to present at the next TDC meeting on January 27th at noon. He said there is an expectation that we have a power point presentation and present a proposed plan for going forward.

Following lengthy discussion about the content that needed to be in the power point and presentation, Anjan Viplav agreed to take the lead in producing the power point with the information previously gathered along with information available from the USTA.

It was further agreed the Planning Committee needs to meet once again prior to that presentation to finalize the various components and identify the presenters. It was agreed that the Committee would meet again on January 18, 2016 at 5:30 PM at Mr. Hunter’s office.

The meeting adjourned at 7:15 pm.